Yoni Yoga Estonia 2020

Yoni Yoga classes start on 18.09.2020


Classes take place on Mondays and Fridays 10.00 to 11.00 at RaFamily Happiness Center at Tammsaare tee 89

Who is Yoni Yoga for?

Yoni Yoga is for all women of all ages.

In a tense body, a woman’s happy and balanced life stops, a woman becomes irritated, tired, whining, stressed, loses her interest in life and interest in intimacy and sex.

Yoni yoga helps you to easily go through the natural life cycles of women’s life (including menstruation, pregnancy, menopause).

Yoni Yoga is a mixture of simple practices that allow you to become and stay healthy, connected, free, loving, happy, relaxed, sexual, and confident.

What Is Yoni Yoga?

Yoni Yoga is a women’s health Yoga. Yoga, which increases women’s energy, deeply relaxes and balances the body, mind, and soul.
At Yoni Yoga classes, you can train your beautiful Yoni muscles, load the ovaries and the womb, activate the production of female sex hormones, increase your body’s sensitivity and energy perception.

When the woman’s heart and the Yoni are open and filled with love, a woman becomes truly beautiful, physically, emotionally, and spiritually balanced and centered.

Yoni Yoga encompasses elements of

Vocal practices
Energy cultivation practices
Physical and spiritual self-exploration

Yoni Yoga is an awesome way to make space for a ritual in your life that is enriching for your body, mind, and soul.
Creating and following a positive and sacred ritual can make a big difference between feeling low, anxious, and stressed out, and feeling relaxed, loving, and radiant.

Participation by prior registration only!

    Class fee is 5 to 10 € (according to your will)

    Classes are in Estonian and English

    Call +372 53 787 230
    E-mail kristiina@tantraestonia.ee

    What are the possible benefits of Yoni Yoga?

      • Being more in touch with your Yoni and Heart
      • Drawing attention and power to your body and to yourself
      • Developing more Self Love
      • Unfolding your powerful and sacred Femininity
      • Transforming your relationship with your sexuality, especially if you’ve experienced sexual trauma
      • Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles
      • More sensation and dexterity in your Yoni
      • Increased sexual satisfaction
      • Increased blood circulation which produces more lubrication
      • Reduced pelvic organ prolapse
      • Reduced menstrual cramps
      • Increased orgasmic potential, multiple orgasms
      Practice all exercises at a pace that suits you!


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