Dear, Shakti!

This workshop will help you to learn more about yourself, discover and open your femininity and sexuality to a deeper level.

What will we do?

♡ Energetic massage for yourself
♡ Healing and balancing meditation
♡ Opening the body (moving, dancing)
♡ Yoni mantra (will sing all together)
♡ Hug Therapy (setting boundaries)
♡ Body acceptance practice
♡ Breast Massage (theory and practice)
♡ Yoni Massage (theory)

What will we talk about

♡ How to become a happy woman?
♡ Self-love
♡ Woman´s sexuality
♡ Types of female orgasms
♡ Causes and solutions of anorgasmia

Each participant will receive a Yoni massage guide!

Participation in all practices is voluntary!

Workshop will take place on Tuesday, 30 October 2018 from 18.00 to 21.00 at Pärnu mnt. 142, 7th floor

Participation fee: 49 €

The number of participants is limited.

Book a place on a workshop by email: