Transformation Game
Transformation Game

Transformation Game
The Transformation Game illuminates patterns, offers insights towards new directions, and supports change and transformation. The in-depth journey is marked with realizations, obstacles, angels, and miracles. Gain awareness and heal pain as you advance through physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms.

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Transformation Game

Meeting with Yourself is the most important meeting in life!


Private Transformation Game

💠 The first transformation game “Transformation” was created in the spiritual community of Findhorn (Northern Scotland) in the 70-es.

Although the first transformation games were known before, these games were played by Tibetan monks.
The purpose of the game was to move from one quality to another: from evil to good, from selfishness to altruism.
Working on themselves, the monks moved from one level to another until they reached the Enlightenment.

There are hundreds of transformation games in the world today.
The most popular of them are Mafia, Lila Chakra, Kryon’s Code, Cash Flow, Genesis, and Transformation.

💠 Transformation games are divided into three main categories: psychological, esoteric, and business games.
In the last 5-7 years, psychological games have become very popular.

💠 What is Transformation Game?
It is a powerful interactive tool which provides a way of understanding and transforming the way you play your life. It shows you the kind of experiences you create, how you react to them and how you can change your responses to realise your highest potential and achieve your goals. As you play the Game you become more aware both of your personal strengths and of the limitations you place on yourself. An experienced facilitator guides you through, helps you process your insights and encourages you to take steps which you may find hard in real life, but which the Transformation Game allows you to do with support and clarity.

💠 Why would I play it?
People often come to the The Transformation Game because they’re at a crossroads in their life, a moment of pivotal change, or because they feel stuck and want to find a way forward. The Transformation Game offers a way to see your dilemma from a different perspective with time for calm reflection, sharing and guidance.

The Game offers a stimulating, safe, supportive group setting in which openness, co-operation and sharing are encouraged. It mirrors your life with accuracy, offering clear feedback and precise insights which can help you. Playing on your own or just with one player, you receive plenty of expert personal focus.

💠 The transformation Game
“The Meeting With Yourself 2.0” is a game where emotions are involved.
You get the different emotions through all the game.
The game was developed by a qualified psychologist. The game is meant to help to over go negative states of mind, fears, feelings of offence, guilt, shame, the state of the victim. Players grow self love and self esteem, learn how to build and keep personal boundaries, find out the resources in every life situation and much more.
During the game, players change attitude toward the past, realise the causes of negative experiences in present, and get the knowledge and the energy to create the desired future.

💠 The main idea of the game is to learn to accept oneself and oneselves emotions without accusations and worries, as well as to see how emotions affect the actions and decisions and how emotions attract destructive events and people or bring peace and harmony.

In general terms the Game can be used to

  • Receive love, inspiration and support on your life path
  • Transform fears or challenges with new insight and awareness of gifts and resources
  • Clarify important personal issues (how to grow Self Love, how to build personal borders etc)
  • Clarify health issues (regular headaches, over weigh, stomach ache, high blood pressure etc)
  • Understand patterns of stress and change non-productive habits
  • Uncover, explore and allow new possibilities in your life
  • Clarify issues in sexual relationship (low libido, painful intercourse, low erection, fast ejaculation etc)
  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts
  • Remove blocks to spontaneity, success and fulfilment
  • Handle transitions - health, career, marriage or relationship changes
  • Incorporate increased relaxation, balance and peace of mind in everyday life)
  • Gain immediate direction on your next steps
Virtually any issue can be brought to the Game for clarification. The key is to express your issue as an intention, such as
  • I intend to release my fear of intimacy;
  • I intend to release my blocks to attracting a life partner;
  • I intend to remove my blocks to financial prosperity;
  • I intend to release my blocks to nurturing and honouring my physical body;
  • I intend to release the blocks to expressing unconditional love to my children;
  • I intend to clear my resistance to making a decision about moving house;


    Couples Transformation Game

    Couples transformation game – a psychological game that is played together with a partner, spouse, relative, friend or colleague.
    The Game helps to
    • Make the relationship in your couple more harmonious and happy
    • Solve sexual problems
    • Let go of offence, fears, expectations, quilt, shame
    • Restore love, intimacy and trust in the relationship
    • Solve painful issues in relationships with children, parents, relatives
    • Solve financial issues, get the feeling in what direction to move on
    • Uncover talents
    Tantra massage

    Private Transformation Game

    The Game lasts 3 hours
    Offline or Online

    Price €150

    Tantra Massage for Couples

    Couples Transformation Game

    The Game lasts 3-4 hours
    Offline or Online

    Price €200

    Book a Game: +372 53 787 230
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    Come and discover your and your bloved one beautiful inner world!

    When booking a game, please consider that you have to pay an advance payment of 50 %
    When booking a game, please keep in mind that the reservation time can be cancelled no later than 24 hours prior to the start of the game.
    Let´s respect each other’s time!