How to heal a man by a touch? How to easily strengthen and deepen the relationship?

You will learn about

  • Men and women sexuality
  • Men’s erogenous zones
  • Difference of orgasm and ejaculation
  • Types of male orgasms
  • Secrets of prolongation and acceleration of male orgasms
  • Benefits of Lingam massage
  • Prostate massage and it’s benefits
  • Lingam massage practice on dildo

As a result of the workshop you will learn

  • How to boost energy and vitality in a man
  • How to create deeply relaxing atmosphere for yourself and your partner
  • How to prepare yourself and your partner for Lingam massage
  • How powerful is your touch and how healing it can be
  • Why to make prosate massage
  • How to strengthen and deepen the relationship in a couple
  • Over 30 Lingam massage techniques

You will receive a Lingam massage guide!

This is a practical workshop, however, if you don’t want to practice Lingam massage techniques on a dildo, you may make notes and practice techniques independently.

Workshop will take place on 16.12.2021 from 18.00 to 21.00.

Participation fee: 80 €

The workshop is in Estonian and English.

Call: +372 53 787 230