Minust Tantra Estonia 2019

About Me

Whatever happens, happens for the best!


My name is Kristiina. I was born in Tallinn in the ’80s. Already in my childhood, I liked everything mysterious and supernatural. My favorite books were fairy tales with wonders. The tales spoke of some magic items, such as a magic carpet, a magic mirror, a magic wand, a magic lamp, and others. When I was about twelve-thirteen years old, I started to be interested in Esoteric things. I started to study astrology, numerology, and chiromancy. One day I heard about Kamasutra and huge interest and desire to read this book started to grow inside of me. Once, at the age of fourteen-fifteen, I was able to flip it through in the library located close to my home (I used to go there very often, as I love to read very much). That day I was very glad and disappointed at the same time… All I have found in that book were pictures of different sexual positions and explanations of them. But deep inside myself, I knew that is not all, and one day I will discover much and much more!

The time passed. I graduated from high school and then the university. I got a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. I moved to England with my partner, where I discovered a new culture and met many new wonderful people. I got some new interests and opened up much more sexually.

I lived in England for some time and then decided to come back home. I started to work in the bank. I worked in banking for some years, when one day in 2010, I decided to quit my work, take my time and look inside myself in order to find out what I really want. This moment was an important turning point in my life. I started to study Vedic philosophy and Ayurveda. I became a vegetarian. I went to study Hatha Yoga and learned how to meditate. I started to take part in family constellations to understand and clear up what is going on in my life and to let go of my childhood and family traumas. I practiced fairy tale therapy to let go of my fears. Got acquainted with Lise Bourbeau’s work and immersed in the psychosomatic world. Thanks to Lise, I started to understand the signals of my body and got to know why does the pain occur in one or another organ of the body.


In the summer of 2013, I got acquainted with the first book of the spiritual teacher, psychologist, and well-known writer Anatoly Nekrasov. His books inspired me and I joined the Faculty of Harmonic Personality Development at the academy that he founded. I got acquainted with many extraordinary people – each of them shared with me their love, care, knowledge, and life experience. I am very grateful to everyone at the Academy! I express my special thanks to Anatoli Nekrasov, Olga Nekrasova and Natalia Jemeljanenko! All of them are really wonderful! They have very big and open hearts! I love and respect them a lot!

Books, academic studies, workshops, and private conversations with Anatoli Nekrasov totally transformed my life. I have become more liberal, loving, healthy, accepting, honest, grateful, more confident, and less critical and I can go on and on listing changes that happened inside of me. I have become aware of who I am and what I want. I have discovered new interests and talents inside of me. I have begun to practice Kundalini yoga, started to go to Tantra massage therapies, and attended different Tantra workshops. At the beginning of 2017, I took a Tantra massage course and started giving Tantra massage sessions myself. In the spring of 2018, I heard about a Hug Therapy (also known as Cuddle Therapy or Snuggle Therapy) and got a feeling that I want to know more about this therapy, study it and offer it to my clients. At the end of spring, I took a Hug therapist course and became a Hug therapist. Later that year I passed my exam and became a certified Personal Development Coach at Anatoli Nekrasov’s International Academy of Natural Science. In the spring of 2020, I took 1 level Reiki course and became a Reiki practitioner. After 1.5 years of practicing Reiki, I felt a calling for moving further with Reiki practice and in autumn 2021 I took a 2-level Reiki course. I am very happy that in 2021 I started sharing my experience and knowledge with couples at private Tantra sessions. In October 2021 I created Tantra Club and started to run regular meetings. At the beginning of 2022, I have become a certified Transformation Games Facilitator and now you are welcome to play “The Meeting with Yourself” t-game with me.

What is Tantra for me?

For me, Tantra is one of the ways to share love, joy, inner wisdom, and life experiences with others. Tantra is love, presence, respect, trust, freedom, openness, unity, gratefulness, and much more. At my sessions, counselings, workshops, transformation games, and Tantra Club I connect with Client(s) and share myself from the deepest of my heart. I am happy to reach my hand so that you can relax, open up, heal and release physical and emotional blockages stored in your body and mind, and become joyful, loving, and free.


Tantra teaches to respect, love, and thank the body. The body is a holy temple. The human body is one of the greatest secrets in the Universe.