Tantra Yoni massage


Tantra Yoni massage

Tantra Yoni massage

Tantra Yoni massage

Tantra Yoni massage in Tallinn.

Tantric philosophy approaches the vagina from a place of love and respect and giving a yoni massage is a means of honoring women.

A yoni is an ancient tantric term used to describe a woman’s vulva and vagina.



Tantra yoni massage


Tantra Yoni Massage

Enlightenment is found inside the Yoni


Yoni is a Sanskrit word that has several meanings: resting place, residence, vessel, global uterus, womb,vulva and some others.

In Tantra tradition Yoni is stylised representation of female genitalia representing the goddess Shakti (Hinduism).

Tantric massage is a unique ritual based on an ancient Tantric philosophy. It is an invitation to the physical, sensual and spiritual world.
Tantric massage combines ancient Tantric elements with Dao and classic massage techniques.

Unlike other massage types, the Tantric Massage is a holistic therapy and includes a massage of genitals.

Nudity in Tantric massage is a sign of trust and openness, readiness to open, feel and discover your body, giving up the shame and prejudice.
It is a willingness and concord to completely relax and let go and experience new deep sensations and feelings.

During Tantric massage, a woman can experience a completely new, expectations free meditative state of pleasure and opening.


Why is Yoni Massage effective?

  • Healing and releasing past pain and trauma
  • Helping to open the energy loops throughout the body, including the blockages that have been stored in the genitals
  • The whole body is becoming more erogenous, sensitive and orgasmic specifically the Yoni
  • Helping to detect and open erogenous zones on the body and inside the Yoni (e.g. G, A, O spots)
  • Improving conditions like frigidity, low libido, vaginismus, painful menstruation, painful intercourse, inability to get internal orgasms
  • Better connection with yourself, with your partner, with men and the entire Universe
  • Personal empowerment and growth
  • Experience receiving without needing to reciprocate


Kallistamise teraapia

Yoni 60

The duration of the session is approximately 60 minutes. The session includes 30 minutes of relaxing full body massage and 30 minutes of Yoni massage.

Price € 90

Yoni 90

The duration of the session is approximately 90 minutes. The session includes 60 minutes of relaxing full body massage and 30 minutes of Yoni massage.

Price € 150

Yoni 120

The duration of the session is approximately 2 hours. The session includes 75 minutes of frekaxing ull body massage and 45 minutes of Yoni massage.

Price € 190

According to your request, a consultation (paid separately) may precede a massage session.

Two hours before the massage session it is not advisable to eat heavy food (meat, fish, eggs etc.), drink coffee, black tea, stimulating drinks or alcohol, smoke tobacco products.

Come and discover the beautiful world of Tantra!

Tantric Massage is the discovery of your body’s sexuality. Please respect Massage Therapist and her borders.

During the massage session, a Client is passive; no sexual intercourse is involved!

When booking a massage session, please keep in mind that the reservation time can be cancelled no later than 24 hours prior to the start of the session.
Let´s respect each other’s time!