Tantra Date

Tantra Dating

December 21, 2018 from 18.00 till 22.00 in Tallinn

We will forward you the address after the registration!


What is Tantra Dating?

Would you like to go on a date you have been waiting for your entire life?
A date with your inner self reflected in the dates with other people alike yourself?
The special beauty of the person in front of you becomes apparent as you notice this person.
Your partner, in return, will feel important and needed.
The deeper connection you create, the more trust you will feel,
the more you open up and feel how close and connected you are.

Every moment and every new date is an invitation to go deeper
in yourself and to open up for a deeper connection with others.
You will feel how the power of presence, connection and intimacy transforms you in a mysterious way.

Everything frustrating and disappointing about regular datings
comes from the orientation towards some dreamy future.
Is there anything more important than love and connection that you can feel at this right moment?
Why wait for tomorrow to open up your heart?

Come, stay present and enjoy this beautiful night!

What happens on a Tantra Dating?

Every Tantra Dating Night is unique. We will practice some of the following practices:
• Practices that awaken energies, playfulness and sensuality
• Practices for developing intimacy, aliveness and connection
• Learn to build real trust in love relationship and friendship
• Explore the power of attraction
• Assert inner and outer boundaries, learn to say “no” and “yes”
• Learn how to speak about feelings and desires, learn to listen others
• Go deep into masculine and feminine aspects

Register for a Tantra Dating!

NB! Participation is by prior registration only!

How deep will we go?

Tantra Dating is a beautiful four hour long diving in a safe and guided environment
into the mysteries of the heart and the sacred tantric sensuality.The practices we do will connect you with yourself and people around you.

We will remain fully clothed all the night.
Tantra Dating Night is more about getting naked without taking your clothes off, meaning: opening your heart.

Energetic and emotional experiences you may feel during the night
may be very deep and will help you to open up inner love,
love to your present or future partner, intimacy, pleasure, appreciation, forgiveness, compassion and gratitude.

Who is Tantra Dating for?

We welcome single men and woman in their 30-50.
Those who practice Tantra and those who want to get acquainted with it.
We aim to have equal number of men and women as many of the practices are made in couples.
During the evening, you can say no at anytime and become an observer.

Come open and free of expectations and you will have a great night!

Participation fee:
Men 30 €
Women 20 €

I’ll be happy to answer your questions!

Call: +372 53 787 230
E-mail: [email protected]


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